dream log

April 9, 2024

someone kept making a bunch of fake Super Mario Maker trailers for the Switch. (this took place before Super Mario Maker 2 came out.) it was essentially just a 1:1 port of the first game to the Switch.
they kept pumping out these trailers dude it was crazy, and people kept falling for them!!

somehow the dream later went to me getting in an argument with somebody else. i got so peeved that i eventually "roasted" them by saying that their mom's wheelchair was so unstable which was why she had fell out of it. i don't know what that has to do with anything but apparently in the dream it was like the worlds best fucking roast ever?

March 31, 2024

someone had offered me a globe for doing something for them. this globe apparently had a bad connotation and no one wanted it, and initially i didn't either.
after telling them i didn't want it, i went out of the building (which had some sort of castle wall) but after a moment rushed back in, grabbed the globe, and left.

i was either flying or running across the water with the globe in tow. however, my friend LOATHED that i had gotten this globe, and kept trying to destroy it; they kept firing lasers at me which i somehow kept dodging.
eventually, i crossed some sort of finish line, but a laser also hit the globe at the same time. whenever you would cross the finish line a sound was supposed to play, actually indicating that you were safe. however, that sound didn't play, so my friend kept telling me that i had lost and was celebrating that they had destroyed the globe. i said that they were wrong and that it was actually safe, and pulled out the globe from some sort of menu. the "model" and "textures" of the globe struggled to load in, but eventually it did. my friend was pissed. sucks to suck :p

dream visualization - toy educational laptop with a tiny screen. it is red and green on its top half and blue and green on its bottom.
fuck this globe in particular!!!

March 29, 2024

nothing new, but i wanted to make note of some recurring dreams i used to have a long time ago. they're a little freaky, looking back

dream 1

this first one took place in an Arctic region with an elevated piece of land just wide enough to accommodate a railroad track. sometimes there was a train travelling along the tracks, sometimes not.
if there was no train, i would be walking along the tracks alone, with wind wailing all around me, until the dream ended. however, if there was a train, i would either be on it or looking down at it from the sky. sometimes one of my cousins were on the train too, don't know if they ever did anything in the dream though.
i think the train would derail in some iterations of the dream. for some reason my brain had to make it violent...thanks i guess??

dream 2

this second one took place in a field entirely devoid of grass. the sky was a shade of brown, like the field. i was able to see pretty well around myself, but there was noticeable fog in the distance.
i was in a car of some sort, and it was either actively moving or just parked. the road went off straight in both directions, and extended into the (also brown) fog. there were power lines on the left of the road, following the same path as it.
in the distance, there was a tornado whirling around. it was pretty far away from me, so i wasn't in any danger. i think i always watched it for a while before the dream ended.

i feel like there were some other iterations of this dream, perhaps some things were different colors or the tornado situation became more sinister, but i don't really remember. the last time i had this dream was probably almost a decade ago.

March 12, 2024

there was a game on the Nintendo Switch that was some sort of socializing game

how it worked was whenever you got close to anyone in game, you could match. if the game thought you were compatible, you would be added to that other person's friends list. i think it determined this by looking at what you had put on your profile. anyway, this could apparently be daisy chained from one person to the next as well.

it had an incredibly toxic and spammy chat, so it was best to keep it closed most of the time. there was also the ability to sell irl stuff in game, but most of these were scams...there was an alien dude selling a material with an incomprehensible name lmao

at the end of the dream, i was describing a dream i had (i don't know to who or what) about the game where i was in it except me and everyone else were actual humans instead of the little stylized characters. i was trying to recreate the shots from said dream in game, although apparently in the dream one texture of the hub building (an apartment complex) was flipped upside down. what an important detail....
now, as everyone entered the complex, the game started freaking out. the building started shaking like crazy and eventually started flinging people out of the map. the building kept being regenerated in order to fix this but it kept just glitching out over and over. i'd play just for that alone lol

March 10, 2024

here's a twofer :]

dream 1

i was getting ready to get on the bus to school, which was apparently my first time doing it in a while. there were some other people waiting for the bus too.
eventually, the bus did arrive and we walked down an entire street to get to it. i forgot which side the entrance door was on for a sec and complained "why don't they have a door on both sides of the bus??"

i then got on. the bus driver was making us change our seats that day apparently, and i was told to sit in any of the first 5 seats. the seating arrangement was pretty odd in the back, like some sort of weird dining table, but normal in the front.
anyhow, i took my seat and got comfortable. i started listening to a Beavis and Butt-Head trap beat (lmao) on my phone and as a result slowly started slipping out of my seat into the aisle. i was terrified dude

VOLUME WARNING!!! i have no idea what the beat really was in the dream, but i wanted to see if there were any Beavis and Butt-Head ones. turns out there are, and this goes hard

i think after that, the bus transformed into a super fancy bus, impossibly long. there was a waiter coming down asking everyone if they wanted food or not.

eventually i did reach the school where we were taking a test, although i don't really remember much of what happened. there was some tomfoolery going on though during the test. i think everyone had a desk except me, so i had to do my test in my lap. thanks guys!!

anyhow, after everyone had finished the test, i was looking out a window in the room and saw a giraffe drunkenly walking across the school campus outside. i told everyone else about this, and they just acted as if that was just a normal occurrence, saying things like "you havent seen the giraffe before???"

dream 2

someone made a video about getting scammed on Steam twice and consequently criticizing them for not receiving a refund. they compared Steam to the Half-Life 2 Citadel with a really fancy animation at the end of the video
later, they made a Minecraft video where it sounded like they had done voice training to make themselves sound feminine. their MC skin in the video was the oak log texture with spider eyes all over it, and it was raining in game with fancy shaders. i think they were in a swamp biome too. i have no idea what the video was about btw lol

that dream later went to BeamNG.drive announcing they had come up with a story for their career mode, and announced the map for it. it was a combination of 3 maps: "West Coast, USA", "Utah, USA", and a German snowy map. the snowy map came from god knows where, and West Coast was actually the Los Injurus mod map.
the demo video showed AI driving along the roads, and in true BeamNG fashion, the AI started freaking out.

this announcement made me reinstall the game, where everything looked different. the mod repository especially; it had more options for sorting that didnt really make any sense, e.g. you could sort by what specific keybinds a mod used, or by "no texture." awesome.

February 1, 2024

horror boomer shooter that played and looked like a crusty version of Doom (not as much as Wolf 3D tho. sorry Wolf fans)

you pretty much went down long hallways, big open rooms, or small enclosed corners with jumpscares every few minutes. the villain was a shadow with white glowing eyes (this again?)
at the end you fought it by shooting at it. whoever was playing joked that defeating it would be like stopping someone from becoming a furry by uninstalling MS Paint?? furries can y'all confirm?
also the person who was playing wasted all their shots before the creature got close to them. oops!

additional weird detail, the game used a format called TAX or TGX that was limited to 16 in some way. might've been that any enemy could not take more than 16 hits?

January 28, 2024

Minecraft got hacked so everyone had to change their username. there was a queue for this, but it was a physical waiting in line queue... fantastic!!!
it finally came time for me to change my name, but i just wanted to keep my current one. problem was, there was no option for that and i didn't remember how to spell my username (my MC username is long asf).
so that means i wasted 15 minutes of everyone else's time, filling up the queue, because i also didn't realize that there was a "save your place" option that i could press and just come back later. great work me!

January 27, 2024

i was lying in bed just as i was irl at the time, but my vision was in a colder tone and brighter. someone also shit on my PC desk while i was asleep :[
i got out of bed and there was a guy downstairs who had got a used laptop and wanted to take out the hard drive, but he tried to do it while the PC was on lol. after he got it out, he said that he'll use/catch the hard drive on a camping trip

January 26, 2024

we had an English project that involved another student picking out a character for your project. who picked out your character would be determined based on who had a locker directly below yours on the lower floor. the character would then be inside of their locker. that was easy for one of my classmates to figure out, but for me, my locker was on the complete other side of the school. i could never remember how to get there damn it!!

the school was absolutely massive. there were whole ass restaurants and houses, even a supermarket, built into the school. i ran into a house someone was selling inside of the school to ask for directions, but the guy there wasn't of much help. i also told him about my project and joked that the character i got was a blue toilet with stickers all over it?? yeah idk either.

eventually i got sidetracked and came across some weird area with a central room and some others off to the side. in these side rooms, you mined things and brought them back to the central room.
at some point i started mining stuff with Roblox studs on them. it was at this point that i discovered there were explosion devices hidden in the land. i was safe from the first one, but after nearly everyone else was gone i went into another room that was already mined.
i for some reason activated an explosion device that was in that room, thinking it would be a small explosion. i couldn't of been more wrong lol. it kept expanding outward for a while like the old Roblox nukes. those things went crazy as a kid


when it was cornering me, i panicked and called out for help, which apparently worked as my brain detected my dad's truck pulling up outside. at this point i risked it and ran through the explosion, losing most of my health (i had a health bar now ig?)

regardless, i was thankfully safe. the people who arrived in the truck decided to look around before they were jumpscared by an arcade cabinet with nothing on its screen but white glowing dots, which were probably eyes. i had just finished watching this playthrough of Midgaard at the time, which features something similar, so that's probably where that came from. speaking of which, does anyone know the credits song to that mod? i swear i've heard it before but i can't put my finger on it. it sounds like an Aphex Twin track or atleast something very inspired by his works. lmk!

anyway, apparently this arcade machine had caused a lot of trouble, as i was apparently going deeper into its simulation throughout the entire dream, causing everything to turn cartoony. someone suggested walking back to the beginning of the simulation, but everyone feared that doing that would make it so realistic that it would affect the real world.

January 25, 2024

this was a dream within a dream...those are always a fun time :p

Billie Eilish had a song with cowboy sounding ass instruments. i think the song was about trans men.
after i heard the song i woke up in my dream to write it down. my room looked relatively the same in terms of layout but generally it was a lot more dingy and run down. i also had a huge laptop with a tiny keyboard on my bed that was about to fall off, and another with a tiny screen on the floor looking up at the bed

dream visualization - toy educational laptop with a tiny screen. it is red and green on its top half and blue and green on its bottom.
for the one with the tiny screen, imagine something like this but as an actual laptop

January 22, 2024 – January 23, 2024

a collection of dreams i had around this time, apparently:

  • i was in a weird version of my elementary school gym and Saul Goodman asked me what my weight was. i said "at least 1". spitting facts over here...
  • i was helping someone fight Herobrine using Roblox weapons that were found in a bank account leak
  • there was lost media that involved the U.S. Navy, in collaboration with Sega, telling people to go to GameStop
  • a really early Sonic 3 prototype was found that was based on Sonic 1 which had really weird zone names. the game was also a lot more complicated compared to the final release, e.g. there was a Marble Zone like stage that was incredibly long and confusing
  • there was a reboot of Wordgirl (i'm surprised i even remember that show lol) aimed at older audiences with really weird plots.
    the first episode involved a very strange gang member who forced a couple of his friends to wear the same brands of clothes as him. he was also a cannibal so there's that??
    the intro of said episode was interactive; you had to run away from the gangster back to your house while avoiding obstacles. after a few failed attempts you just controlled a rocket that you guided back to your house into your trash cans, which you could easily cheese by flying above everything

January 16, 2024

real-time strategy / RPG / battle game, albeit in a different formula, involving King of the Hill characters

instead of the game taking place on a field as per the average RTS, it took place in a 3D environment, kinda stylized like the CDi games, and you chose your attack whenever you reached a pre-determined location. the setting of the game was a long hallway of a trailer home, and you had two attack locations and one extra.

the two attack locations were a bedroom door at the end of the hallway and the other was the start of the hallway (the other side). you were always around the corner in this location.
the extra location was a bathroom right by the bedroom door. this seemed to be a skip turn location that allowed you to heal, but you could only use it under certain circumstances. you would know if you met these requirements if you were able to shut the bathroom door against the force of the ops. you also had to do something similar whenever you attacked from the bedroom door, albeit while sending in your troops, although idk if you could actually fail that one

there was one special character that always played a cutscene whenever he was the next in your roulette. it involved the previous character wanting to get their picture taken for their drivers license and asking the guy to do it in a "The Price Is Right" style, with applause and everything. the end of the cutscene involved the character who asked the favor saying that there was a problem. the transcription for this part was messed up and always said "font.stretch to..."

January 6, 2024

i was in a music video of some sort that devolved into a strange worm entity being released from confinement and essentially turning into a sentient tornado, causing havoc all over Earth. even after the music ended, this kept going. i was then dropped by the tornado in a wide plains.
i looked back at it briefly and then decided to run the other way. not long after, i realized i was nearing someone else's property so i made a 90 degree turn as to not disturb them, if they were still even in their house. this was not before i was spotted by some feral giant Pokémon looking creature that started chasing after me.
i started running away to no avail and eventually just gave up and told myself to "let it happen" (???) however, by some miracle, the creature got distracted by something else and went over to investigate.

i quickly made my escape but it was not long until i was in danger again. a slightly demonic cow and bull had me surrounded and were attempting to eat me. this didn't really harm me though as soon enough some other entity came rushing out, which was apparently controlling them. it was taunting me and kept telling the cow and bull to nibble on me, hold me down, etc.
eventually, a hologram of a Sonic ROM hack started playing, titled "Sonic Delta". it featured a robotic Sonic and Tails that could shoot balls out of their eyes. they could only use this power on a certain day in November?? myself, the cow, and the bull suddenly gained these powers, but i was the only one who could use them. i used the powers to escape. epic win

afterwards, i ended up in the entity's home, which looked pretty worn down inside (it also looked as if it was stuck in the 80s). at the same time, there was also a lot of futuristic tech lying around. i suddenly had two 3DS systems which the entity kept trying to harvest the power from, to not much success. this caused me to get in a verbal fight with the entity who said they were targeting humans as they considered us scum because of what we had done to the Earth. i then questioned the entity, asking if what they were doing was really any better, which set them off.
they started awakening robots that were in the house, such as a weird wooden lamp robot thing that i quickly knocked over. this caused a robotic guy with a hammer to awaken and freak out while going over to the wooden lamp guy. afterwards, everything seemed to kind of settle down.

i was walking back over to the initial entity, but i now noticed a green, skinny creature hammering a nail into a thin object. i said something like "hello Matty" and it replied in a very monotone voice, nearly repeating what I had said.
i turned around and noticed a off-brand SpongeBob on the couch who was just kinda there. i think then me, the entity, and all the robots just kinda sat around a table until the dream faded out...but not before a ""post credits scene""!!

the strange SpongeBob was trying to create a haircut he had in an old picture and was complaining heavily about it. an off brand Squidward then walked out of the bathroom right next to the SpongeBob and freaked out because the haircut was so bad. his freaking out caused the dream to go haywire and eventually explode. fire

December 26, 2023

i dropped a pair of underwear in pasta and then got really sad

December 11, 2023

i kept trying to stack recliners on top of each other over and over and they just kept falling over. i nearly broke down crying??

November 25, 2023

i was standing on a roof and i had a Minecraft-styled nametag above me; my username was "durdec" for some reason

November 22, 2023

Herobrine told me i had no worth because i couldn't get any cobblestone. what the hell man

October 26, 2023

there was a game that was essentially about SpongeBob forgetting the Krabby Patty formula, and he had to go throughout all these places tasting different things in order to remember said formula.

however, there were ""SCPs"" scattered throughout the game. from what i remember, Mr. Krabs and Plankton were on some sort of team, with Mr. Krabs in charge of that team. i don't know what they'd do to you if they caught you.
there was also a Squidward entity that you could encounter anywhere, including in the safe rooms (which was unique amongst the characters). most of the time, he would be normal and cause no harm, but you had to pay attention to him for he may undergo the "re-enactment of Sandy." this consisted of his pupils turning into question marks, covering his eyes and shaking every part of his body unnaturally and erratically. he would then uncover his eyes, which were now just blood splatters, and then chase after you.
additionally, i think Patrick was always following you in the game but he never turned quirky or anything

October 24, 2023

double feature!

dream 1

this one was in fragments:

  • one of my friends was cuddling with Peter Griffin in VRChat
  • i was struggling to walk down stairs with very thin steps. i was going downstairs to unplug something
  • i got some sort of super thin, but huge workstation PC with a messed up monitor (that i struggled with for like 15 mins). the PC had Windows XP on it and i was going to theme it into looking like Windows Vista beta 1
  • the sky was pitch black and there was lots of weird lighting throughout the dream
dream visualization - screenshot of Windows Vista beta 1; desktop with a grass background and a sleek, black taskbar
(Windows Vista beta 1) you can't tell me that this theme doesn't go hard

dream 2

the setting was some sort of party which was at my grandma's place, although she wasn't actually there. instead, a bunch of random people were there, including some of the characters from Friends.
someone in the corner of the living room (which had a closet spanning an entire wall??) pretty much screamed a Friends quote which pissed off someone else as they threw their drink at them. i was there and i rushed over to where the drink landed and surprisingly, none of it spilled. speaking of which, throughout the dream i kept saying to not spill any drinks, but the joke was that as soon as i said that i would see a drink that had already been spilled earlier. this is peak comedy!!!

i think the house started weirdly transforming and eventually we all ended up in some Minecraft looking world with a minecart track going through a mountain. at this point, some guy started asking for admin and eventually got it. he started to attempt to crash the "game"; don't remember if he succeeded. eventually a YouTube channel caught wind of this and made a super in depth exposé of the guy showcasing events that we didn't even know about. sorry man

July 24, 2023

i had made a video that was just stretched text that said "gay?" with a real stupid sound effect. i posted the video in a Discord server, and as soon as i did that i could hear what everyone was saying in the VC in that server without having to join. no one was saying anything though; all i could hear was someone beatboxing really loudly into the mic. it was kinda fire ngl

June 26, 2023

the developers of Blockland had released an update that added autocorrect to its chat. it was extremely buggy, and seemed to have some interesting results when broken. for example, when you typed "trucky pork" into the chat, it would autocorrect it to "trucky pock" and then spam that over and over.

dream visualization - screenshot of Blockland, blocky character on a grey plane with many orange slopes scattered around. the chat is full of 'trucky pock' repeating over and over.
trucky pock trucky pock trucky pock