keep in mind these are targeting static web hosts like neocities


MDN Web Docs
my go to source for anything related to web dev. it's a conglomerate of web dev info; it has a ton of info on HTML, CSS, JS, etc. i prefer it over W3Schools personally as i feel it provides much more info esp when it comes to HTML and CSS.
another conglomerate of web dev info. it has some useful info but, like i said before, is lacking a bit in the HTML and CSS departments compared to MDN Web Docs imo. however, it does have sections for more programming languages than MDN does. whether that information is plentiful enough or not to those who program in those languages, i do not know.


a huge list of what can be inserted into your html <head> tags. i'm not sure how comprehensive this is, but there is a lot for sure.
Open Graph Protocol documentation
the Open Graph Protocol lets you customize your embeds in various ways, with some of those being visible depending on the platform it's shared on. see the documentation for more.

additionally, you can click the plus symbol in the heading of this page for an example of what an Open Graph embed may look like.


CSS Grid Generator
this lets you create a CSS grid layout to your liking and then generates the code for it
Flexbox Froggy
an interactive game that teaches you how to use CSS flexbox
Grid Garden
an interactive game that teaches you how to use CSS grid


a collection of tiny JS frameworks and libraries. has a decent search feature to sort through said collection. keep in mind that the sizes shown on the site represent when the packages are minified and gzipped.


Font Awesome
a collection of icons ready for the web. this is what i use on my site for the little icons in the headers of each page as well as the star ratings on the album ratings page. (i specifically use version 4.7.0, which is outdated but i find it more convenient than the latest version. the important thing is that it works!)
Google's WOFF2 tool
a CLI tool that will convert your standard fonts into the web-ready WOFF2 format (and vice versa). the main thing i like about this one is that it will retain the functionality of variable fonts when they are converted; other tools don't seem to do this.